What is a Tilt & Turn Window?

Sunlet’s Tilt and Turn Windows are the highest performing windows that combine tilt and turn functions in one window. Would you like to get a fresh breath of air, with the turn of a handle the window tilts in at the top without compromising security? To get rapid ventilation, turn the handle again and the window will open inside at over 90 degrees.

The distinctive design of tilt turn windows permits the sash swing to tilt inward and open like a door. This feature allows accessing the window better and you can clean the window from inside of your home. Tilt windows are easy to operate and only use one lever to control all features.


Benefits Of  Tilt and Turn Windows?

Sunlet tilt turn windows are durable and easy to use. Our high-quality components, robust quality assurance process, and expertise in manufacturing result in an advanced window system that is superior by design.

Emergency Exit

Our tilt turn windows provide a better emergency exit during any danger of fire. By opening the larger part of the window, it is easy to escape and avoid any dangerous situation.

Designed for All Climates

If you are living in a single-story home or multi-story building, our tilt and turn window is designed to keep the interior space comfortable in both summer and winter.

Highly Secure

Multipoint locking systems and key lockable handles provide better security to your tilt windows and therefore protect your home. Each window is surrounded by a band of steel hardware that securely bolts to the frame in multiple places. Further, if you want to change the opening size, you can use a tilt restrictor or adding an arrestable stay stepped restrictor for complete peace of mind.

Tilt and Turn Window in Toronto


Tilt Open
The upper part of the sash tilts slightly to allow safe and easy ventilation by simply turning the handle upwards. The maximum opening is 4” (130 mm) in our tilt windows which is only for ventilation and does not make it dangerous even for children.

Turn Open
You can open the tilt and turn windows at their maximum if you are looking to ventilate your home thoroughly. Turn the handle to the horizontal position, and the sash pivots vertically to offer a larger opening. This position also offers easy egress from home if needed in case of emergency.

Sealed and Secure
Turn the handle down, and the tilt-and-turn window will be hermetically sealed.

Why Buy Tilt And Turn Windows From Sunlet?

Our tilt turn windows are engineered to perform better than other types of windows. Our tilt windows provide better energy efficiency, air tightness, water resistance, and sound control with excellent natural ventilation.

We have a professional team who are exceptionally good in providing the installation of windows and doors for your new construction or home improvement project.

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