Picture or Fixed Windows Give Your Home Extra Light

A picture or fixed window is a very popular window with a brilliant way to showcase beautiful scenery and allow more natural light. Normally fixed and picture windows are used to display oceans, mountains, a home garden, or backyard trees. As the name suggests, a fixed picture window can’t be open or close and is similar to a picture frame.
For a better light, it is one of the best solutions and in addition, it is the most energy-efficient style that provides superior climate control with greater security.

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Advantages Of Picture or Fixed Window:

Our fixed picture windows offer superb multiple designs for a new building or window replacement. These windows are used to attract a focal point or give a home a facelift.

Save Utility Costs

Fix one or more picture windows in the living room, bedroom, or dining room and flood the space with natural light, and save utility costs.

Outstanding Visual Experience

Fixed picture window paired with other windows in matching shapes can provide an outstanding visual experience. It can be joined to any other venting window in a combo unit for better air circulation.

Picture or Fixed Window


At Sunlet, you can select from a wide range of grill patterns and designs to complement the architecture of your home. These fixed and picture windows are available in different sizes to fit and match the needs of customers.

Toronto Picture or Fixed Window

Picture or fixed window is highly recommended for areas where sunlight and security are more important than ventilation. Our experienced staff is available to provide you best solutions with the best quality fitting in town. If you are looking for the best window and door suppliers in Toronto, get in touch to book your appointment.

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