What is a Casement Window?

We at Sunlet offer the best Toronto casement windows with energy-efficient capable design and casement windows replacement service in GTA. The casement windows are superior ventilation and energy-efficient capable design which allow the whole window to open up to take in the breeze. We at Sunlet offer the best casement windows solutions and casement windows replacement service in Toronto. According to experts, it is considered the king of windows. The compression seal technology provides the perfect fitted seal which makes it an energy-efficient window and foldable handle that promotes ease of use.

casement windows

What Are The Benefits Of Casement Windows?


The security option is very impressive in the casement windows and the locks are embedded into every frame which makes it a better option for security and safety. Its design is quite flexible and allows you to choose the width you want to keep open.

Maximum Ventilation

Normally windows open halfway vertically or horizontally, but casement windows open completely. It allows a nice breeze to pass into the home. It can be positioned strategically so that even a 2-3 inch opening can bring direct breeze inside your home on a cool spring night.

Casement Windows Maximum Ventilation
Casement Windows Energy Efficient


We are innovative and offer a wide range of the best casement window designs & replacement in Toronto. Our rust-free vinyl windows have the highest quality materials with the best thermal barriers that reduce heat loss. Our custom designs offer the best solutions for window replacement or new house construction.

Casement Windows in Toronto On A Budget

Like our eyes, the windows in our home permit us to see the world and experience the beauty and excellence that exist outside. We get light, warmth and see wonders through windows. In Toronto, Casement windows are the most popular as they are easy to use and have energy-efficient designs. There are many window and door companies but Sunlet offers the best casement windows solutions in Toronto.

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