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The world is changing. Windows are
gateways to brightness.
At Sunlet we design
and manufacture
windows for homes
not for houses.
Our windows keep you warm
and cozy on a windy winter night,
Our windows are easy to install,
easy to maintain, and incredibly durable.
Sunlet windows
don’t just light up your house,
As we become smarter
and brighter,
so do our houses.
They connect us
with nature, and the sun.
and keep you cool and shaded
on a sunny summer noon.
They lighten up
your life.

Our Products Sunlet windows and patio doors are re-engineered with a rigid and multi-chambered vinyl extruded profile to make our windows energy efficient and maintenance free. They will not rust, peel, crack, deform, retain moisture, or ever require painting. This is thanks to our founding principles of innovation and forward-thinking design.

Our exclusive design consists of three rubber weather-strips to provide the tightest barrier against air, water, and noise. We use the highest quality materials, including hinges, screws, and dual arm operators to combine security with trouble-free and effortless opening and closing. We use low-emissivity glass filled with argon gas between panes separated with a well-designed spacer. Not only does this reduce condensation, but it also blocks harmful UV rays and has a big impact on energy efficiency by creating an effective thermal barrier that reduces heat loss.

Our multi-point locking system provides the highest possible security while also allowing for easy opening and closing. We customize the screen for each window type to ensure they are easy to remove and insert. Our distinctive design includes a hidden drainage system with sloped sills to prevent water getting trapped, reducing the possibility of a seal failing.

We offer a wide range of grill patterns to provide you with plenty of options to complement the design of your window and the architecture of your home. We custom engineer our windows for new home construction and we create custom sizes to suit all types of replacement options.

Our patio door is smart-slide. It is designed to bring the garden into a living space. This won’t be a problem for us to manufacture it in very large dimensions of up to 19.2 ft x 8.2 ft. You will love the locking mechanism: the self-closing sash slides into the frame with a soft motion, making the smart-slide door so simple to use that it is virtually impossible to operate it incorrectly – and that is just as invaluable for day-to-day use as the low exertion required to open and close the sash.
Casement windows are possibly the most popular style in Canada because they’re very energy efficient and easy to use. Our high quality and professional design makes our casement windows ideal for older home replacements and new home projects.
Sliding windows are very popular amongst Canadians and come in two different styles, single or double. With single sliding windows, one sash slides horizontally, while with double sliding windows both sashes slide horizontally. Each style can tilt inward for quick and convenient cleaning. Each sash has a security lock and double seals, ensuring a perfect seal for those cold or rainy days. Sliding windows are designed to maximize the viewing area and increase the amount of light that spills into a room. This makes them the optimal choice for small or confined spaces.
Similar to sliding windows, hung windows are available in both a single and double style. They operate the same as sliding windows, but with one major difference: the sashes operate vertically. With a double hung window, you can open either the upper sash, lower sash, or both, and each sash can slide past the other in a single frame. This allows a high degree of flexibility for ventilation. Each sash can also be turned inward, making them very easy to clean and user-friendly. Hung windows are the most traditional style of window in Canada, and we have optimized our design to improve energy efficiency and increase security.
Picture and Fixed
Every home needs at least one picture or fixed window. This style of window will drench your space with light and is the most energy efficient style of window available. These beautiful windows are available in many different shapes and sizes to complement the architecture of your home and fulfill the dreams of any architect.
Tilt and Turn
The unique design of tilt and turn windows allows the sash swing open like a door or tilt inward to allow for greater airflow. This characteristic feature allows for easy access to the entire window, which makes cleaning a breeze. Plus, the opening mechanism is specifically designed to be effortless. It’s no wonder that the popularity of this style has been on the rise across the country.

As a society, we are finding better and better ways to improve our comfort zones. Windows are essential and the most important element incorporated into any space. It’s time for windows to advance. At Sunlet, we create the future of windows.

With Sunlet, a team of architects, industrial designers, and structural and energy engineers have come together to re-think the window. We scrutinize every aspect of design, manufacture, and installation to maximize your comfort. Every time you need more sunlight, every time you get your energy bill, every time you need to clean, the beauty, ease and efficiency of a Sunlet window will bring a smile to your face.
Our Story We are all looking for our comfort zone. Whether it’s a condo on the 42nd floor, the corner of our workplace, or the home where we rest our heads at night, we want to feel secure, in control, and free from anxiety. The right window should give you these feelings. A Sunlet window does.
We live in an evolving world. Since the turn of the 21st century, there have been countless advances in architecture. Biophilia seeks to connect us to nature. Micro-condos and tiny houses offer a simple and efficient life. Laneway houses nestle a home in underused and undervalued spaces.
Technological advancements allow us to fine-tune the temperature of our homes through IoT. We can track and regulate our energy usage through smart home systems. And we can optimize our knowledge and control of these systems with wearable technology.

Who We Are We are a team of engineers, manufacturing operators, energy transfer specialists, and architects with a devotion for producing and manufacturing the highest quality windows.

During our design process, we think beyond just making a beautiful product. We think about climate change, environmental sustainability, and the ethics of a durable, well-crafted product.
The long term costs of continuing to make and install low quality products is too high for our cities, our country, and our world.

We utilize the latest software, equipment, technology, and management techniques in order to create the highest quality windows that are a benefit to the environment, your home, and your wallet. With our windows, you can rest easy that you have saved time, money, and energy. For the finest windows available, look no further than Sunlet.

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